The Association was formed in 1949 with the objective of maintaining the comradeship enjoyed whilst serving in the Criminal Investigation Department of London’s Metropolitan Police.  Our members have been involved in some of the most high profile criminal investigations in the world and, quite justifiably, can profess and be proud to have served in one of the world’s most famous law enforcement organisations, New Scotland Yard. 

Our member’s Detective experience and ability is internationally renowned and transcends Counter Terrorism, International and Organised Crime, Murder, Fraud and Money Laundering. In addition, we can boast that our members have tackled some of the most sophisticated criminal networks operating  in London and elsewhere in the UK, utilising some of the most dynamic and innovative investigative techniques.

We have experts in all fields of investigation, including strategy, forensics, training, covert policing, just to name a few.

Our members reside both here in the United Kingdom and across the globe and we are regularly approached by organisations, including TV Producers, Academics and Historians who wish to utilise the skills and knowledge of our Association Members. Many of our members are associated with or operate their own businesses and we are in contact with them at the ‘click of a mouse or telephone call’ to respond to your investigative and other requirements.

We also can provide high calibre candidates for employment opportunities within your organisation.


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